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Plant-based compostable bags

Our vacuum sealed bags by Econic are home compostable; you can put your used bag in your own home compost or worm farm where it will break down. Our bags can even be buried in the garden. OR simply put them in the bin guilt-free! WATCH OUR VIDEO DEMO

Now it's back to the soil
where the cycle continues!

Soil Health & Regenerative Farming.

Healthy food and a healthy planet starts with soil. At Tas Ag Co, we farm regeneratively, which means we’re focused on improving soil health and increasing biodiversity through natural, holistic farming methods.

In 2019, Tas Ag Co became the first farm in Tasmania to register a soil carbon project through Australia’s $2.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund. We partnered with Agriprove who use the only soil carbon testing program in Australia eligible under the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Pastures & plants

Healthy soils feed healthy pastures. Diversity of pastures and plants play a huge role in regenerative farming and help us mimic a more natural ecosystem. We measure things like our worm count, and observe for any signs of insect and microbiological life.

On our farm, we plant multispecies crops, which we call our ‘salad bowl’ buffets. Rather than the conventional way which is for cattle to eat grasses and clover only, we plant up to 30 different plant species in some of our paddocks. They include things like peas, oats and radish.


Our cattle are rotated daily to fresh paddocks to allow the pasture to rest and regrow.

Just like animals in the wild roam around and don’t stay in one place for long, we do the same with our animals. They thrive on a diverse diet beyond grass. They love munching on our multispecies crops which gives them a nutritional boost.

Cattle are key to regenerative farming. We need them to graze the tops of pastures and plants to kick-start the regeneration process.


When you buy Tas Ag Co beef, you’re supporting the regenerative food movement. We believe in producing meat in a way that’s beyond sustainable and better for the environment.

Our meat has been produced ethically and responsibly, in the best interests of our animals and our planet. 

Healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy cattle means healthier food for you and your family!

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