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what we do

Tas Ag Co produces regenerative Wagyu cross beef thatโ€™s good for you and our planet.

We grow Tassie beef that’s ‘beyond sustainable’ using non-conventional, holistic farming practices. We work with Mother Nature to repair landscapes, restore environmental health and create a nutritious and sustainable food product for the modern day, environmentally conscious consumer.

We’re on a mission to improve the health of our soils, our plants, our animals, and our food through regenerative farming, and our cattle are key to this process.

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beyond sustainable

beyond sustainable

Restoring native ecosystems and rebuilding soil health through data-backed management practices are the epicentre of Tas Ag Co.

Below are just some of the unique ways we farm which enable us to capture and store carbon dioxide.

Our ‘salad bowl’ paddocks
Forget boring old grass! Our multispecies crops add diversity to our cattle’s diet, improve soil health, and sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

Time controlled, rotational grazing.
Our cattle are moved to fresh paddocks daily, mimicking how animals move in the wild. Through grazing paddocks using this rotational system, they kick-start the plant and soil regeneration process. We can’t do it without them!

No pesticides.
Many conventional farms spray pesticides to control pests includes weeds and insects. Pesticides disrupt soil microorganisms, the very life that drives soil carbon sequestration and, therefore, the heart of regenerative agriculture.

Natural Fertilisers
We avoid spraying chemical fertilisers across our paddocks. We either don’t spray anything, or where our soils and plants need a boost, we use natural, biological fertilisers such as worm juice, chicken poo, and more!

And that’s just a taste of what we’re up to!

our story

our story

Tas Ag Co was founded by us, husband and wife team Sam and Steph Trethewey. We run the business from our farm in the state’s Central North.

Sam is a third generation Tasmanian farmer and entrepreneur who spent 15+ years working on farms and across cities in the startup, agtech and agribusiness space.

Steph grew up in Sydney and spent most of her career working as a television journalist across the country for Channel 7 and Channel 9.

With a joint passion for food, provenance and the environment, together, we launched Tas Ag Co to produce a unique eating experience for consumers and to challenge the food industry to do better.

our product

our product



We supply a number of restaurants and butchers in Tasmania.ย 

We also sell beef boxes direct to Tassie locals from time to time. Register your interest through our Contact page.

home compostable packaging

We sought out the most environmentally friendly meat packaging we could find.ย Our retail range comes in home compostable packaging by Econic.ย 

  • These vacuum sealed bags are plastic free and plant based.
  • The white barcode/price stickers that are placed on our bags are also compostable.ย 
  • You can put your bag in your own home compost, worm farm, or even bury it in the garden where it will break down over time.ย 
  • OR simply put them in the bin guilt-free!

About Econic: The majority of every Econic bag is made from a combination of compostable films. The three films used to make Econicยฎ are derived from sustainably-produced wood pulp and GM-free corn sources, and each film has been certified to either the European or Australian home compostable standards (OK Compost Home or AS5810).

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Sam and Steph have been sharing their journey since Tas Ag Co was just an idea.

You can follow their story and stalk them on social media.

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