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beyond sustainable beef

what we do

what we do

The Tasmanian Agricultural Company produces grass fed wagyu beef that’s good for you and the environment.

Using their own unique wagyu genetics, Tas Ag Co partners with dairy farmers across Tasmania for its breeding program. Tas Ag Co’s wagyu bulls mate their dairy cows and Tas Ag Co then buys all the calves back.

Just like Uber provides transport without owning a single car and Airbnb doesn’t own a single room, Tas Ag Co produces premium beef without owning a single breeding cow. This makes the business a highly innovative mover in the food space.

beyond sustainable

beyond sustainable

Restoring native ecosystems and rebuilding soil health through data-backed management practices and carbon farming are the epicentre of Tas Ag Co.

Using non conventional farming practices on its Tasmanian property, the business is implementing systems to repair landscapes, restore environmental health and create a nutritious and sustainable food product for the modern consumer.

  • We’re part of the regenerative revolution.
  • We’re actively storing carbon in our soil.
  • We’re producing beef that’s beyond sustainable.

We can’t wait to reveal more soon.

our story

our story

Tas Ag Co was founded by husband and wife team Sam and Steph Trethewey.

Sam is a third generation Tasmanian farmer and entrepreneur who spent several years working on-farm and across cities in the startup, agtech and agribusiness space.

Steph grew up in Sydney and spent most of her career working as a television journalist across the country for Channel 7 and Channel 9.

With a joint passion for food, provenance and the environment, together, the young couple launched Tas Ag Co to produce a unique eating experience for consumers and to challenge the food industry to do better.

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Sam and Steph have been sharing their journey since Tas Ag Co was just an idea.

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